Is Keto Dangerous? Not according to these Studies.

Is Keto Dangerous? Not according to these Studies.

So you’re committed to Keto, you’ve read all the rules and you’ve gotten a jump-start on your diet whether it’s for the weight loss benefits or any other health reasons such as diabetes, liver disease, inflammation, epilepsy, or migraine treatment.   You believe that giving up your food favorites is going to be the hardest hurdle along the way, but you’re feeling committed, have surrounded yourself with a great Keto community (if not, join our growing KetoHealing Facebook group!) and have pushed through the cravings those first few days. 

You may have even stretched yourself out of your comfort zone, pushed aside your fear of the kitchen, and started experimenting with new recipes.  Hopefully you are also already personally experiencing some of the many amazing Health Benefits of Keto.

But then suddenly your positive momentum hits the brakes as your friends/family/co-workers find out you’ve gone Keto, and start expressing unsolicited concerns about your new lifestyle.  We’ve all been there!

Some will attempt to avoid these conflicts initially by keeping the diet to themselves (proclaiming “I’m avoiding carbohydrates” rather than flat out saying “I’ve following the Keto diet” and receiving the barrage of questions that ensue).  But eventually, whether it’s the office pizza party, a friend’s birthday, or family holiday get-together, you may feel pressured by others who don’t understand why you won’t indulge in the typical carb-heavy food.  That’s when you confess you’ve gone Keto, which is often followed by unsolicited questions or concerns from your newfound Keto critics.

Common concerns from Keto critics include:

  • You’re losing weight too fast. 
  • It’s a fad diet.  You’ll gain the weight back as soon as you stop.
  • It’s not healthy to stay keto long term.
  • Your body needs carbohydrates to function.
  • Fat is unhealthy and causes heart attacks.
  • Live a little.   A cheat for a birthday or holiday isn’t going to kill youl.

It can be extremely tough to stay the course with these social pressures, and oftentimes you may not have all the data at your fingertips to justify your new low carb, high fat Keto lifestyle.  That is, until now! 

Because I’m so passionate about this topic, and I want others starting Keto to have similar success, I’ve done all the homework for you!  Below are links to some of the many studies supporting the Ketogenic Diet, demonstrating that the Keto diet is not only safe long term, but also beneficial in treating a number of health conditions!

So the next time you’re challenged by a family member or friend about your Keto diet, you’ll feel confident that you’re armed with all the right facts and supporting resources to alleviate the concerns associated with your new Keto lifestyle.

Please bookmark this page.  Share it on social media.  Email it to family or friends.  Spread the word to help debunk the myths associated with the Keto diet! 

Is Keto Dangerous?  Not according to these studies! Here’s a selection of research articles backing the benefits of Keto:

  • Study: Long-term Effects of a Ketogenic Diet in Obese PatientsThis study shows the beneficial effects of maintaining a Ketogenic Diet in the long term.   Benefits included a reduction in both body weight and body mass index of the patients, along with lower levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose, and an increase in the level of HDL (the Good) cholesterol. 




  • Sugar Not Fat is More Responsible for Heart Attacks  – Despite the fact that for years many experts advocated that a diet high in fat was the main dietary risk factor for a heart attack, Dr. W Gifford Jones is among the increasingly growing group of medical professionals who believe that this to be incorrect – and that the real culprit is SUGAR!  Reducing sugar intake, eating healthy fats, reducing stress, and getting plenty of exercise will help maintain a healthy heart.    


  • 50 Years Ago Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Point Blame to FatThis news article describes how the sugar industry has been attempting to influence the scientific debate over the risks of sugar and fat for the past five decades.  It explains how by convincing Americans to eat a low-fat diet — for the alleged health benefits — they would need to replace that fat with something else.  The results:  increased sugar consumption, increased sugar sales (and a false view of fat’s contribution to coronary heart disease)!  


  • On the Keto diet? Ditch the cheat day, says UBC study – This study debunks the myth that a single cheat day won’t derail your progress on the Keto diet.  It demonstrates that just one 75-gram dose of glucose while on a high fat, low carbohydrate diet—the equivalent of a large bottle of soda or a plate of fries— can lead to damaged blood vessels.  

Have you come across another study or news article about the benefits or safety of Keto?  Please share it with us ([email protected] OR PM us at so we can add it to our growing collection!   

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Not sure if you’re actually in Ketosis?  Learn more about How to Test Ketone Levels HERE.

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